Maistre, Joseph, count de

   political figure, writer, philosopher
   A leading conservative thinker, Joseph, count of Maistre, was born in chambéry and served as a member of the senate of Savoy. During the revolution of 1789, he emigrated to Lausanne (1793) and soon joined the court of King charles-Emmanuel of sardinia, who appointed him minister to Russia. There, he became an adviser to czar Alexander i. A staunch opponent of the revolution, de Maistre affirmed his monarchist views and his support also of papal power in his Considérations sur la France (1796) and in Du pape (1819). In contrast to the philosophes of the Enlightenment, he replaced the belief in reason with faith and intuition. His view of history is similar to that of jacques bénigne bossuet (Soirées de Saint-Petersbourg, 1821).

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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